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Welcome! I am a certified Birth Boot Camp instructor, teaching childbirth education classes in the San Diego area. Please look around my blog and contact me with any questions.

Our mission: Birth Boot Camp is committed to training couples in natural birth and breastfeeding through accessible, contemporary education. Birth Boot Camp is for couples, moms AND dads/partners. You’ll learn to work together to bring your baby into this world as a team. Birth Boot Camp offers online classes in addition to live classes.

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Summer Series of Birth Boot Camp Natural Childbirth Classes Start in Ramona, CA


Summer  Series of Birth Boot Camp Natural Childbirth Education Series Starting

Saturday, May 31st through August 2nd

11:00am to 1:30pm

Perfect for moms expecting sometime in late in July, August, September or early October!

This series is perfect for you if your busy schedules have you working during the week and find you too exhausted to spend more than 2 hours on top of that busy day to try learning the most important skills you will need to have the amazing birth experience you envision for this baby.

You will be well rested and able to absorb this material as you start your weekends together on the most important journey of your lives as a couple. Relax and join other couples preparing to have an amazing natural birth experience.

Sign up now to reserve one of the remaining spots for this
comprehensive and effective (see our statistics below) natural childbirth education program here.

I hope to have you join us for this great series of Saturday classes!

Debbe Cannone
Birth Doula, CLEC, CBE
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Birth Boot Camp Statistics For 2012-2013

Birth Boot Camp® childbirth classes strive to prepare couples for natural birth. In an effort

to continually improve our curriculum and provide the absolute best education available, we seek feedback from our students.

Our instructors are required to compile statistics from their students. As a company, we spend many hours reaching out to our online students to find out how their births went and their thoughts on the class. We compile all of the information we receive and use it to make updates and improvements.

At the time of this posting, we have received reports on 359 students, total.

Without further ado, we present the current Birth Boot Camp statistics:

  BBC 2013 Live Classes

BBC 2013 Online Classes

BBC 2013 All Classes

In contrast, the national US C-section rate is 32.8%. (Source, CDC.)

The overall US epidural rate is 61%. (Source, CDC.)

We are excited that we can offer an education that can help families have the birth that they desire.

You CAN have an amazing birth! Education makes the difference.

Sign up today to reserve your spot in the next offering of Birth Boot Camp Classes or contact me to arrange for private sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Debbe Cannone
Birth Doula, CLEC, CBE


Why You Shouldn’t “Try” To Have An Unmedicated Birth

I came across this anonymous essay with a most provocative title. However, after reading it, I had to agree with the author’s point…. READ and see what you think….

You will hear many women say they are going to “try” to have an unmedicated birth. To me, “trying” connotes sheer effort and endurance. What I hear women say when they say “try” is that they are just going to see how long they can stand the pain. The dictionary defines “to try” as “to make an attempt or effort.” What happens when you try something? Either you succeed or fail.

There’s a lot of derisive talk out there about birth plans and women who “plan” an unmedicated birth – or really plan anything about their birth at all. There is a lot of finger waving about how birth is unpredictable and you can’t PLAN anything. After seeing a lot of births, I have to say I agree. The dictionary says “to plan” is to “decide on and arrange in advance” – you can’t really do that with your birth. What happens when you plan something? Maybe your plans work out, and maybe they don’t.

What I wish more women would say, and take ownership of, is that they are preparing for an unmedicated birth. The dictionary says “to prepare” is “to make ready or able to do or deal with something.” This sounds just about right! Someone who is prepared does not fail or have plans not work out – they meet what comes with their goal in mind. They have made themselves ready to handle birth and any twists and turns they might meet along the way.

I encourage women to think of birth as a marathon – it is long, challenging, sometimes painful, sometimes exciting, and potentially very rewarding and transformative. Many people regard having run a marathon as difficult, but very rewarding and a huge achievement.  However, if you knew someone who told you that on Saturday they were going to “try” to run a marathon, you’d probably look at them a little askance. You’d start asking questions like, “Have you practiced? Did you read up on marathoning and long-distance running? Do you know anything about the route?”

What would you think if they said, “I’m just going to start running and see how long I can stand it. There will be people along the way to tell me where to go.” ? You might have some more questions for them. “Don’t you think that at some point you’re going to get exhausted and want to quit? If you haven’t prepared, how will you have the physical, mental, and emotional resources to keep going? Wouldn’t you like to know something about the course – where the steep hills are, where to save your energy, where to expect things will be tough? Wouldn’t you need the physical conditioning and strength preparation and practice can give you?”

If this person then tried to run a marathon, and dropped out at mile 10, or had a miserable time, and then told all their friends how horrible marathons were and how stupid someone would have to be to go through that awful experience just to prove they were “tough”…wouldn’t you be skeptical about their opinion? And yet that’s where we’re at in a lot of ways. Many women see unmedicated birth as some kind of test that you pass via sheer endurance and “feminist masochism”, as one doctor in The Business of Being Born puts it.

There’s often a vague, generalized perception that drug-free is “better” but without much clear understanding of the actual risks of drugs. If you “try” to have an unmedicated birth and “fail”, then you have a lot invested in trying to convince people that this “test” is silly and has no bearing on your strength, motherhood, or womanhood (a position I agree with completely). I think many of the birth horror stories and dismissive “just take the epidural, honey, you’re gonna need it” comments that pregnant women hear come from that place.

On the other hand, if you approach physiological birth (unmedicated) with the mindset that this is a rare and challenging event that you would like to fully experience, with interventions available whose risks you’d prefer to avoid, you can prepare for it. You can take classes, read books, and find good coaches and support people/systems. You can remain flexible and open to changes in the situation.

Let’s ditch the whole “trying” thing and switch to “preparing.”

Author unknown

PREPARING is what Birth Boot Camp is all about. To learn more about this comprehensive  childbirth education experience click on the button below or my class schedule button on the menu above.  Contact me below if this sounds like the type of preparation that you’d like to take into your labour and birth. I’d love to be one of the “good coaches” and “support people” for your amazing birth experience.

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Debbe Cannone
Birth Doula, CLEC, CBE


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Debbe Cannone
Birth Doula, CLEC, CBE